Superheroes In Japan

As promised, here are some of the shots from my visit to the Marvel Age of Heroes at Roppongi Hills in Tokyo. This display was in the lobby of the Roppongi Hills complex.  As I so clearly demonstrate, it functions as a photo opportunity for visitors.  After stopping for the requisite pictures, my transportation specialist […]

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Take the Train, They Said, It Will Be Fun, They Said . . . .

Japan has a very well developed public transportation system that includes trains, buses, and subways.  Japan also has a fascination with all things cute to the point of saccharine overload.  Tama-Center Station in Tokyo, Japan is where these two things intersect.  This train station is dedicated to Hello Kitty, an anime star since 1974. She […]

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When Midterms Get Tough, Students Go Shopping!

Hello again, and welcome to another installment of Big Hippo on Campus.  This weekend was another instance of sticking around campus, as my transportation specialist was facing midterms.  The Japanese and Eastern Asian History classes do not concern him much, but he seems to be a bit worried about the Japanese Language one.  He seems […]

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Midterms and Time Constraints

Hello again and welcome to another edition of Hippos on Parade.  Actually I’m not on parade, and there’s only the one of me but this post is already running late so let’s get on with it! This is a picture from my visit to Kanuma Park near the Fuchinobe train station, shortly after arriving in […]

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Japan: It’s Not All Raw Fish . . . . Except When It’s Still Swimming Around.

If you’ll remember last week, I was posting about our visit to the Tokyo Skytree complex.  Part of that Complex is the Sumida Aquarium.  It’s pretty small, no whale or dolphin tanks to soak the audience, but it is a nice place to help the little ones run off some energy before taking the elevator […]

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Bless Him, He Really Does Try.

  On the road again!  This week my transportation specialist took a break from the books to visit the local landmark called the Tokyo Skytree.  We started off fairly early, as we also wanted to visit the Sumida Aquarium  while we were in the area, as well as possible visit a Shinto shrine and Buddhist temple […]

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Because Everyone Travels 1000 km to Look at Classrooms

I had previously promised some content that didn’t involve going somewhere and buying something, and never let it be said that the Hippo don’t deliver!  This week instead of going somewhere and doing something, my transportation specialist buckled down on studying so I get to bring you the exciting world of classrooms in Japan.  I […]

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