And He Didn’t Take Me!

So as you probably know, my transportation specialist is studying hard trying to get a better handle on the Japanese language in addition to all of his other coursework this semester.  Because of this, he has been telling me he doesn’t have time to fulfill my detailed itinerary of places to visit during my limited […]

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I’m Going on an Adventure!

This week we have some more adventures in shopping in Japan, this time in Machida, much closer than the previous trip out to Shinjuku.  Machida is also a stop on the Yokohama line, but only two stops away, which translates to about 6-9 minutes time on the train itself.  This adventure is sparked by the […]

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Off to Shinjuku!

This week we are off to Shinjuku, a shopping district of Tokyo.  My transportation specialist and I were guided by Kan, a Thai student in her second semester at Aoyama Gakuin University, who had agreed to accompany us on this expedition.  Both her command of the Japanese language (far outstripping my transportation specialist’s), and her […]

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The Hippo Has Landed

Well it has been about a week since my transportation specialist and I arrived in Japan.  We’ve moved from our temporary lodgings in the hotel and settled into our space at Global Residence Sagamihara.   I’ll get back to our new digs in a moment, but first a short parable about the importance of reading directions […]

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Unfamiliar Ceiling 

I could describe my gut clenching at the exact moment I watched the ground fall behind as the plane’s wheels left the Earth, the grandeur of the lights of Wichita as they fell away, or how the tops of the clouds caught fire as the Sun rose.  I could describe what it was like to […]

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