Statues in the Mist

Hello again!  This week we are continuing our visit to the Ueno Zoo in Tokyo.  Last week we saw some of the animals in the zoo, but this week we will look at the statues in the Ueno Zoo.  The Ueno Zoo has a number of bronze statues of various animals scattered around the park.  In most cases these statues are of the animals in the exhibit nearest them.

The first grouping of statues I graced with my presence were a family of gorillas right out side of the gorilla enclosure.  As you can see they are sheltered in a bamboo shed that provides some shade in the morning hours, but they enjoy a glorious sunset every evening.  While we were visiting the gorillas, we had to wait our turn for pictures as they are very popular with the children and grandparents.


Grouped outside of the reptile house (that SOMEBODY forgot to go into while we were there) is another arrangement of appropriate bronze statuary.  These statuary are conveniently low to the ground and very fun to play on.

Over in the bird exhibit there were also bronze statues, but they weren’t as large as the previous examples, due to the birds in general being smaller animals.  I honestly don’t know what birds they are supposed to be, they appear to short to be cranes.  I made sure my transportation specialist got a both the plaque on the pedestal and the writing on the slab next to it, but neither he or I can read Japanese well enough to decipher them.


There was however one large exception to the small bird statuary tendency.  I believe this statue depicts some prehistoric Japanese bird, but I could not tell you for sure. What I do know, however is that it needs a saddle.  Much like the Bumper Horsie back in Wichita, poor seating and an errant wind gust conspired to knock me from my perch.  However this time, fortunately, my transportation specialist failed to get a shot at the precise moment of my downfall.

Look at the size of that egg!!!!!!

Of course, no visit to the zoo would be complete without a visit to the monkeys, and while there were no monkey statuary to work with, there is a nice display to get cute pictures with the kids at least.  This was one point when my tendency to travel without an entourage led to disappointment.

The one time having a Snorlax around would have been cool.

And with this post we wrap up my visit to Ueno Zoo.  It was really a very cool place to go and I regret we didn’t take the time to properly explore the park and surrounding area.  Tune in next week to see where I turn up next.

Until then, Hippo, Hippo!




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