And the Moment You’ve All Been Waiting For . . .

And finally after eating their fill at the restaurant by the lake, our intrepid transportation specialist boarded the bus to once again sally forth with his fellows!  His destination the Cherry orchard.  I would love to say this is an undisclosed location for security reasons, but truth be told my transportation specialist just gets on the bus like a good little lemming and hopes he’s not taken to slaughter.  On the other hand he gets taken to breath-taking views like this so we probably shouldn’t complain.

Yes, it’s pretty, but the cherry trees are in the other direction.  

After a full day of village visiting, Lake looking and bus riding (I looked for a word for travel that started with B, if you know of one, please leave it in the comments) the cherry picking turned out to be a relaxing way to wind down.  The orchard was arrayed across a hillside, with a terrace for every row of trees.  Some trees were roped off, indicating they were for the orchard’s commercial enterprises.

I believe those are called cherries.  Let the picking commence!

Picking the cherries was simple enough, many of the boughs were within reach of the ground and only a slight amount of effort was necessary to pluck them from the branches.  Those that were not in reach from the ground were accessible from the numerous ladders that were set up for the purpose.  One student was observed filling her hat with cherries.  Some people are really into cherries.

It was on the ride home from the grand cherry picking adventure that the most interesting exchange took place.  My transportation specialist happened to be seated next to a young Chinese student that happened to be studying at Aoyama Gakuin University at their Shibuya campus.  Their talk ranged though politics, science, social and culture, philosophy, and language studies.  It was an interesting way to spend the long trip back in any case.

We’ll have to see what we come up with next week.

Until then, Hippo Hippo.


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