Superheroes In Japan

As promised, here are some of the shots from my visit to the Marvel Age of Heroes at Roppongi Hills in Tokyo.

Trying to decide if which I need more: the mask, the rocket boots, or the mobile toothpick.

This display was in the lobby of the Roppongi Hills complex.  As I so clearly demonstrate, it functions as a photo opportunity for visitors.  After stopping for the requisite pictures, my transportation specialist approached a nearby desk clerk to ask for directions.  While he attempted to ask directions in he passes off as Japanese, the clerk smoothly replied in clear English, giving him concise directions on where he wanted to go.  This once again demonstrates how accommodating Japan can be to English-speaking foreigners at times.

The Exhibition was housed on the 52 floor of the Roppongi Hills main tower.  This same tower houses the Tokyo City View, an observation deck, that while not as lofty as the Tokyo Skytree, is certainly home to a very expansive view of the city.  With so many people packed into a very small area, Tokyo architecture favors building up whenever possible.  This lends itself to a number of observation decks scattered across the city that give the average citizen a chance to enjoy the breathtaking views.

I have no idea where my house is, but there’s a mountain back there somewhere.

The exhibit showed off historical tidbits from Marvel Comics past, along with artwork, movie costume replicas, and other movie artifacts.  There were also many figurines and busts depicting various Marvel characters from the comics.  In many places we were not allowed to take pictures because of the artwork, but there were also many photo opportunities to be had with various displays like the one below.

I want one.

After the main attraction was viewed, photographed and appreciated, my transportation specialist and I headed out through the inevitable gauntlet of gift shops until we were able to catch an elevator down to the ground floor.  They had lots of figures, graphic novels, and shirts to be purchased, but in the light of restricted luggage space on the way home, I refrained from purchasing anything too big.

They say to pick a side, but I’m plush.  I choose both.


And with a final salute from old Shellhead, we bid a fond farewell to the Marvel Age of Heroes.

Tune in next week same Hippo Time, same Hippo Channel

Until then, Hippo Hippo.


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