Midterms and Time Constraints

Hello again and welcome to another edition of Hippos on Parade.  Actually I’m not on parade, and there’s only the one of me but this post is already running late so let’s get on with it!

There’s a stick poking my fanny, and I’m not pleased.

This is a picture from my visit to Kanuma Park near the Fuchinobe train station, shortly after arriving in Japan.  My transportation specialist and I visited early in the morning, so as to disturb the fewest amount of people with our photo spreads.  As you can see, the park is arranged around a large duck pond, that they share with some turtles and some swans.  It’s still early spring at the pictures were taken and while some of the cherry blossoms were evident, many of the trees had yet to put forth a large number of leaves.

As Chieftain of the High Kaba Clan, I rule that .. . .(did I say that out loud?)

At another point in the park there are large numbers of rocks arranged in what is either artfully or carelessly manner, depending on your view of natural art.  As shown, there are a couple of natural seats, and other rocks arrayed in a circle to function as a gathering place.  No meetings took place during our stay, but the setting is a wonderfully natural respite from the nearby urban environment that is always meticulously constructed, and can often be crowded.

I waited for like five minutes, but these guys couldn’t get their act together.  No wonder they’re endangered!

There are a number of concrete statuary scattered around the playground and scaled for children to play on.   While they might benefit from a saddle or two, I did not find it difficult to remain seated unlike events with a certain metal monstrosity that shall remain nameless (although I link to it.  It might be that I’m a bit passive-aggressive).

Ain’t I a stinker?
I think his name is Sandy.









Stop taking pictures and gimme a push!!!!

The park also has the more traditional swings and a set of monkey bars that I haven’t seen in an American playground in years.  They did however have one of the coolest slide stations I’ve ever seen.

Over, under, around and through!

As we were taking these last pictures, the elderly doing tai chi, along with others walking their dogs, and mothers with strollers started filtering into the park, so we made our exit.  As mentioned in the title, the combination of upcoming midterms and time constraints have worked against us this week.  Tune in next week for more empty promises of exciting adventures.

Until then, Hippo Hippo!


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