Japan: It’s Not All Raw Fish . . . . Except When It’s Still Swimming Around.

If you’ll remember last week, I was posting about our visit to the Tokyo Skytree complex.  Part of that Complex is the Sumida Aquarium.  It’s pretty small, no whale or dolphin tanks to soak the audience, but it is a nice place to help the little ones run off some energy before taking the elevator up to the Skytree for it’s remarkable views.

Somebody believed they would remember the proper name for these jellyfish.  They were mistaken.

The ghostly shapes in the tank behind me are jellyfish, swimming in water that is illuminated by ultraviolet light I believe.  This part of the aquarium is filled with tanks along the walls of an enclosed space, the better to simulate the Sun’s penetration into the ocean depths.  Both the tanks and the hallways are illuminated by the bluish light, enough to see by, but not much more.

I don’t think these are goldfish.

This is a picture of one of the larger tanks.  There’s some coral at the bottom, and you can see the many different types of fish over my shoulder.  I believe them to be tropical type fish, as they are very colorful, but I really only know two types of fish: goldfish and the wiseguy in the can named Charlie and guppies.  Okay so three types of fish, Goldfish, Charlie, and guppies, which goldfish eat.  And salmon.  Okay so four types of fish, Goldfish, Charlie, guppies, and salmon.  Other than that I don’t know any fish.  Thank you Monty Python.

Maybe if we’re quiet she won’t notice I’m here.  

What you don’t notice about this two floor tank, (yeah you can look into it from the floor above too, I’ll get to that picture in an minute) is that among all the little fishies, is a moderate sized shark.  There were no instances of piscicide, and considering all the tender young eyes in the audience, I’d assume that she is quite docile.  However, a shark is a shark, am I right?

Second story view into the fish tank.  

On the second floor there are chairs for extended fish watching opportunities.  Of course with the traffic in a place like this, actual long term viewing is somewhat politely discouraged.

We tried and tried, but Sherbert would not stay still for his closeup.

Dominating the center of the ground floor is a large tank full of penguins.  The top is open, so you can get splashed here.  There’s also a rocky island with some cave cover where the penguins can retreat when the pressures of entertaining gets to them.

In any case, these are the photos from my trip to the Sumida Aquarium in Tokyo, Japan.  I hope you enjoyed the show.

Until next time, Hippo Hippo!




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