Don’t Blink, Part 2

Gather around friends, for the time has come to continue our tour of statuary on the campus of Wichita State University.   Today we have bugs and couples, and something I’m not sure quite what it is, so let’s get into it.

This is his good side.

Millipede, by Tom Otterness, was commissioned for Wichita State University in 2008.  It is situated in a tulip bed located in between Wilner Auditorium and Henrion Hall, in front of the Ulrich Museum of Art.  Interestingly, the Millipede is orientated so that he is facing visitors as they leave campus, as opposed to greeting them as they arrive.   The whimsy of the sculpture’s face is a trademark of the artist who has many other works decorating other campuses and cultural displays.  Also of note is that the west side of the sculpture (not pictured) has damage to one leg, but whether that is due to vandalism or environmental factors I do not know.  If any reader has more information on this topic, please make a note in the comments below.  Inquiring minds and all.

I’m a pole dancer!  And I’m not even Polish (The tag says China).

Our next piece is a bit of a two-for-one deal outside of Jardine Hall, consisting of two statues Man with Cane, and Woman with Umbrella by Fernando Botero.  The figures are rendered as a series of spheroids, resulting in voluptuous figures with a minimum of personal details.  While attempting to find a suitable pose for this photo, my transportation specialist discovered several surfaces have too sharp an incline that when combined with the velvety nature of my plushie backside threatened to invoke a repeat of my experiences with the bumper horsie from last post.  This is why I am safely ensconced behind the shaft of the woman’s umbrella.

That’s a what?!?!?!?!

Our last piece for consideration today stands on the south side of Duerksen Fine Arts Center, home to the School of Music at Wichita State.    Grande Maternite, by Joan Miró (that’s a guy btw, which I did not know before I looked it up) is a celebration of maternity.  I tried posing in the large womb-like opening in the center but jumped out before the picture could be taken.  My transportation specialist calls this a “missed opportunity.”  I will have a talk with him later about propriety and plushie dignity.

Well that’s about all we have for this week, so tune in next time, when we venture off of the Wichita State University Campus and visit a local museum in Wichita.

Until then, Hippo, Hippo!


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