Don’t Blink, Part 1

Hello again, Big Hippo on Campus here.  Today we are going to look at a sampling of the statuary on display around Wichita State University.  I honestly don’t know much about art myself, but I’ve found some links from people who do so maybe we can all learn a little more.  Let’s dive in, shall we?

I swear it looked like this when I got here!

Our first sample for selection is Accord Final by Arman Fernandez.  The link contains information on the artist, and the process required to cast a bronze like this from a partially destroyed piano.  I’ve liked this piece ever since I discovered it tucked in a nook between Duerksen Fine Arts Center and Wiedemann Hall.  On one hand the destruction speaks to the frustration of every kid who lacked talent to play the instrument they wanted, while at the same time the fact that it is displayed as artwork shows that even broken things can serve a purpose if handled correctly.  Personally I’ve never played any type of instrument, but I have an affinity for percussion when I get the chance.


Chilling with my homie.

This statue of Thomas Jefferson by Donald De Lue stands in front of Wilner Auditorium.  It is somewhat out of the way, with few if any classes outside of the drama department being held in the building behind it.  The same artist created a bust of Dr. Martian Luther King, Jr.  that is displayed in front of Lindquist Hall.  Both bronzes are public commissions created for other organizations and replicated here.  Honestly I just think he has some of the niftiest shoes.  I’d have shoes like that.  If I wore shoes.


 1d6 falling damage sucks.  


This last statue ended up being a little more of an action shot than originally intended.   I was majestically posing on Grandfather’s Horse, by John Kearney, outside of Hubbard Hall when the light breeze managed a gust that sent me tumbling.  Fortunately, there was no permanent damage, one of the advantages of being plushie.  My transportation specialist took other pictures of me in a more noble pose, but insisted that this was the “money shot.”  I’m not sure what he’s talking about.  I’m certainly not getting paid to compose these articles.  The only saving grace is that the Snorlax that I live with sleeps too much to get on the internet to witness my moment of indignity.

John Kearney has done many statues constructed from automobile bumpers creating both human and animal forms.  I can’t speak for his other pieces, but this one could use a saddle.

Next week should continue the survey of Wichita State Universities statues.

Until then, Hippo, Hippo!


3 thoughts on “Don’t Blink, Part 1

  1. Dear Hippo,
    As you know Kansas is famous for its wind so as a suggestion maybe a saddle would work for the horse or some weight to keep you balanced?


  2. Dear Hippo,
    Although 6d6 falling damage does suck, the worst that you could take from a stationary horse is 1d6, regardless of size. I’m guessing this is dramatic interpretation, but you should make your readers aware of the facts if you wish to maintain your credibility as a non-fiction writer. I do look forward to your next post and am glad you had a speedy recovery from your fall. Please make sure your transportation specialist does not put you in any more life threatening predicaments!


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