Crossroads of Campus

Behold the Rhatigan Student Center on the Wichita State University Campus.  The east entrance, pictured below, greets the sunrise over Neff Hall every morning, eagerly awaiting to serve as a gathering place where students can mingle, study and grab a bite to eat.  Pay no attention to the dead plants in the foreground.  It’s still winter in Kansas.

They have pizza inside!

The Rhatigan Student Center is named for Dr. James Rhatigan, a longtime Dean of Students at Wichita State.  It originally opened as the Campus Activities Center in 1959.  It was renamed in 1997 to its current name and remodeled between 2010-2014.  In it’s current form the RSC functions admirably as a hub of student activities, offering meeting and conference rooms, numerous lounges, and the bulk of the university dining services apart from the cafeteria serving Shocker Hall.


If there are supposed to be people here, why am I always alone?


Here I can be seen enjoying the quiet of the early morning in the Grover Lounge looking out onto the eastern stage of the RSC.  My transportation specialist has been known to take a moment between classes here to connect with classmates current and past.






日本語 便虚しますよ。

For serious studying (or eating) there are numerous tables and chairs with convenient power outlets to keep the electronics going.  My transportation specialist has worked on many papers here while grabbing a bite between classes.  Early in the day it can be very peaceful and quiet, and when the crowd gathers later on, the conversation babble fades into a white noise effect that can aid in concentrating on the task at hand.





Upstairs on the second and third floors are many of the administrative offices of the RSC and the conference rooms, such as those used for Wichita State’s Study Abroad program and the Japanese Cultural Association at Wichita State University.  The Study Abroad program is responsible for my transportation specialist’s trip to Japan this spring.  The Japanese Cultural Association is a gathering of international students from Japan and Japanese Language students at Wichita State exchanging culture in order to further understanding and to have a good time.

Seriously, there’s nobody here!  Is this an abandoned campus?


Here I am again overlooking a balcony and watching absolutely nobody walk by.  Interior balconies are useful for people watching, when there are people to watch.  Unfortunately not all of the buildings on campus have interior balconies.

For the next two blog entries I hope to enjoy various sculpture displayed around campus and learn of their origins and histories.

Until then, Hippo! Hippo!



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