It’s Big, Really Big.

In early July, I decided enough was enough and ventured off to see the fabled Kamakura, home to the bakufu, the military government of Japan from 1600-1868.  My transportation specialist was wanting to find a museum there that focused in the shogunate period to give him a better grounding.  At the risk of spoiling the […]

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Statues in the Mist

Hello again!  This week we are continuing our visit to the Ueno Zoo in Tokyo.  Last week we saw some of the animals in the zoo, but this week we will look at the statues in the Ueno Zoo.  The Ueno Zoo has a number of bronze statues of various animals scattered around the park. […]

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In the Palace of Pandas

  In case you haven’t heard, there was a panda cub born not to long ago at Ueno Zoo in Tokyo.  Pandas are notoriously difficult to breed which contributes to their declining numbers in the wild.  With this in mind it was a rare opportunity to be on hand when one was successfully born in […]

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Lunch By the Lake

I promise, there will be cherry picking.  At least, that’s what I’ve been told.  In the meantime, there’s pictures of a lake.  And food.  And no one gets wet. Sigh. Lake Kawaguchi is one of the Five Lakes of Mount Fuji, a series of lakes converted into beautiful tourist attractions near Mount Fuji.   There was […]

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I Ain’t Even Mad.

The picture below is a panoramic view from a roadside in Japan.  It was taken as my transportation specialist was on another of his school sponsored trips with Aoyama Gakuin University.  This time it was up into the mountains of Yamanashi Prefecture for cherry picking and other local amusements.  Between both campuses of Aoyama Gakuin, […]

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